Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What is Nerdo doing?

Have you ever wonder: What Nerdo is doing?
I hope you are 'cause we are doing a lot of things for you.
  • In case you haven't been around for a while [shame on you] we changed our look this past few days. Tell us if you liked the change or if you didn't. We just want you to be part of us. Drop a comment. This change is like a face lift but way cheaper.
  • Do you have twitter?
    If you dont you should cause you could follow us there. Yes! we are on twitter now. Follow us twitter.com/NerdoBlog online or on your cellphone via twitter. [they will explain you how just follow the instructions there].
  • Do you follow feeds in a reader?
    If you dont you should. You can subscribe to our feed and read our post when they are still fresh right on your feed reader of choice.
  • Do you still have a myspace? If you dont you should. Yeah! We still have a myspace page so you can still keep in touch with us while traveling thru the cyberspace.
See! That is what we have been doing. Making oruselves more reader friendly. I guess you thought we were letting this die rotten here.

Now you can follow us read us or stalk us on the net. And the best part is that we want you to. We wont block you for stalking us in fact we will love you more for it.

Don't be stranger and start your own stalking NerdoBlog crew Now.