Thursday, January 10, 2008

Burning Man

Para nuestros lectores que no conocen sobre burning man, aqui les damos un link. El siguiente ensayo fue escrito por alguien que vivio first hand el memorable evento.Fotos: Alex. Burning Man.


On my way to Burning Man (our RV stuck in heavy traffic), thoughts of what this event means, and why people go out of their way to not shower, and risk dehydration invade my mind.

Playing dead

Burning Man is shedding the poison of society, holding your breath under water. Funny thing is that, just because you hold your breath, and no new oxygen flows through your veins, that doesn't mean the air is not there. You had to take an overly large supply of air to be able to not breath for an extended period of time. Same way, an out-door party like Burning Man is only like holding one's breath, like stopping the entrance of the poison. You first need to take a big gulp of canned foods or gasoline, to enjoy the ever so slow yet delicious pain of leaving life behind. The strange pleasure of stopping circulation, only to regain it again with a stronger sense of self.

Like watching a movie, visceral pleasure, vicariously living the dangers of becoming an outcast, of dying, and then finally resurrecting.

Deja Vu

Burning Man is to people a glorified repetition of the childhood experience. When you are a child you nurture things that are not exactly functional, like art, fun, and games. There's no sense of fear; every stranger is welcome into our world without first looking at him with suspicion. Burning Man is enhancing all senses. The absence of civilization as we know it simply intensifies the colors of what's good in life.

People paint their faces, bikes, and vehicles… decorate with art every aspect of their existence in the most kitsch of ways. All these things are enhanced by all sorts of light apparatus. From flashlights, to glow sticks… the stars applying marvelous finishing touches to a symphony of disharmony.


It is so difficult to prepare for this event, that I think it is the reason why so many people are repetitive goers… because so much of the experience is up to you, that to live it again and again is a way of perfecting perfection. No one can really make it… it is a feat of ultimate organization… generally people are guided by others, tutored… like every fine thing in life… it doesn't come to anyone without good teachers. It is of no surprise that, the experience is filled with people who enjoy learning, loving, living. The ones who lack the discipline to make it, simply cant. So, like an assembly line, the people who aren't worth it are simply filtered out. Yes, I'm talking about all those people who are rude, and stupid (frat boys). The people who in every "yupista's" opinion makes society the rotten place it is bound to become. The minute this event becomes of general interest to people, it will die. So, keep the hotels away, keep the restaurants out, and whatever you do… don't let Black Rock City be discovered by the Google maps.

water… check.

batteries… check.

flashlights… check.

tents…. check.

hamburgers… check.

hamburger buns… check.

sleeping bag… shit.