Monday, December 17, 2007

Injured Idol

If you thought Japan had weird stuff. Check this out. This is the new "trend" on the japanese fashion. Injured idol. Cause it wasnt enough to sleep with a pillow that resembled a mans arm so you wouldn't feel alone when you sleep. Now you can cover yourself up on bandages so your man loves you even more. Come on Japan wake up people. Weird and wicked. Totally Nerdo approved.

Tokyo fetish-fashion: "injured idol"

Mainichi Daily News and Weird Asia News report on Kegadoru, a Japanese fashion that can be spotted in the legendary Harajuku precincts, where fashion is ten years ahead of the rest of the world (and sometimes, ten dimensions over). Kegadoru ("injured idol") is the practice of wrapping your head and body in bandages as though you were badly injured. There's a stall in Camden Market in London that sells this stuff (here's my picture of their "No photos allowed" sign, which was the only part of the stall they let me photograph the last time I was there), and I've seen it in Tokyo as well.

Weird Asia News says that the trend is meant to appeal to the kind of man who wants an "injured doll" -- and says that the white bandages denote virginal grace, while the black ones mean wickedness. Link to Mainichi Daily News, Link to Weird Asia News (via Tokyomango)

Mainichi Daily News Weird Asia News