Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Esperanza en el desierto

Solar powered immigrant shelter

Noticias como estas son las que dan esperanzas a creadores/creativos. Este esfuerzo intenta disminuir la muerte de inmigrantes en el desierto y a la misma vez provee una comunicación anónima entre los inmigrantes y el dueño de la propiedad. Read on people.

" Casa Segura proposes private property owners on the border to create a life-saving beacon in the desert, a platform for engaging with the anonymous individuals crossing their land in search of a better life, and a non-aggressive means of protecting their homes.

Inside the small solar-powered structure migrants can find water, some food and a touch screen. Drawing upon traveler graffiti, pictograms, and the Mexican tradition of ex-voto painting, migrants are invited to use the interface and share something about themselves and their journey with the homeowner and anyone who's interested. Migrants can either draw, write messages, or make a pictogram from ready-made graphical icons.

The images and messages are uploaded to the bilingual Casa Segura website. The website functions also as an access point for resources about immigration issues and the borders of the southwestern United States."

via wemakemoneynotart