Thursday, October 25, 2007

From the Bay:Identity Developement - Mantis in Pantis Promo

primero: Gracias a Alex de por su contribución a NERDO!!

Heads up! The girls are at it, yet again... this time at the
supermarket. They cannot keep their claws to themselves... nor their
starving fangs off men's necks.

I had a lot of fun creating this promo for my tv series, Mantis In Pantis, which is still on its early stages of conception. Read the pilot here, and tell me what you think :)

Who the f*ck are the mantis?

The Mantis are crime fighting super heroes that live in Silicon City (known by many as the “new” New York), the most rotten place in America. They handle criminals that regular government officials cannot manage. Once upon a time they were regular insects, but because of a tragic prescription pills accident, the mantis became as big and as smart as humans. Watch them date, watch them go through therapy, watch them fight, and most importantly, watch them flaunt those tight little… claws. -Alex